Eco-friendly & sustainable product
by Daniel Savage and Simon Henley

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The Products - Lund London


The Beginning - 2016

The Lund London brand was created in 2016 by Daniel Savage and Simon Henley, who since meeting at school had been friends for almost 25 years. After building separate successful careers, Dan in product development, sourcing and sales and Simon in project management they decided to come together to create the Lund London brand. Their mission was to create beautiful, design led home and giftware using Dan’s product development and sourcing expertise, whilst delivering exceptional service levels to their customers and partners.

Dan, Si and their small team originally worked from Dan’s home in Kent and after exhibiting at their first trade show were excited to see the brand launched in iconic stores such as Selfridges and The Conran Shop.

Our first ever trade show stand made entirely from reused packing cartons.

The Skittle Bottle - 2019

We’ll be honest with you; we didn’t start our journey as an eco-focused brand, but with our increasing awareness of the impact of throw away plastics on the planet we decided to use our design skills to create beautiful, reusable and planet friendly products which customers will love and enjoy using every day.

We started this journey with our iconic Skittle Bottle; a thoughtfully designed, durable, reusable alternative to single use plastic bottles.

Our Eco journey - 2021

Following the successful launch of our Skittle reusable bottle, our eco-friendly collection continued to grow. We launched the Skittle reusable straw (an iF award finalist!) and a range of ‘food on the go’ options made using innovative, recycled and sustainable materials.

As part of our commitment to reduce our impact on the environment, we became part of the Ecologi Climate Friendly Workforce scheme, planting trees and supporting climate change projects to offset the carbon footprint of our team. We are very proud to have planted over 3,000 trees and contributed to the reduction of 228 tonnes of carbon – the equivalent of 157 long haul flights!

Present - Future

We have continued to grow both the Lund London brand and the team and today our products are stocked by retail outlets in over 60 countries around the world.We have a new office in Kent along with warehouses in the USA, EU and China. Through storing goods in our biggest markets we aim to cut down the amount our stock is transported across the world to meet our customer needs.

This year sees the launch of our beautiful and innovative, colour changing wireless lamp and charger. We are also expanding our eco-friendly reusable offer with our exciting Your drink, Your way collection, offering customers the perfect reusable drinkware option for any lifestyle, making it easier to choose to re-use.

A message from Dan :

”Developing new products is my passion and I am personally involved in the design and development of every product in our collection. I believe the everyday items we use, whether we are at home or out and about, should be beautiful, durable things which we are proud to use again and again.

We have a fantastic team here at Lund London who work hard to deliver innovative, high quality products while also giving the best service to our customers…and hopefully have a little fun along the way!”